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With COVID-19 Taking Hold In Botswana,The Government Has No One To Blame But Itself

The other day, I wrote this thread on Twitter chronicling my experiences with Botswana's travel permit system which has been imposed as part of the country's lockdown regulations to curb the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

After Botswana recorded its first cases of the virus end of March, the government declared a state of public emergency. The state of emergency was followed by sweeping regulations —including the aforementioned lockdown and travel permit system — and the country's security forces were called in to enforce these regulations.

Most of the set regulations seemed to make logical sense in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. For example, the lockdown or "extreme social distancing" as the government decided to call it, had long been heralded by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the best way to ensure that social distancing takes place in order to reduce the number of person-to-person transmissions of the virus.

Despite appearing to be eff…

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