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The Futility Of Partisan Politics

Botswana needs a change of governing party. It has got to a point where there is no way of reforming the current governing party. No matter which administration takes over, as long as it's that of the current ruling party, the culture of sluggishness, incompetence, lethargy as well as corruption and looting fostered by 55 continuous years in government will continue to prevail.  Understandably and rightfully so, there seems to be a social media campaign geared towards trying to get current ruling party supporters to flip their vote in 2024. This is great. But the only problem I'm seeing with this campaign is that although it's doing great in showing the ruling party supporters the incompetency of their party, it is undoing all its great work by trying to shame and condescend the ruling party supporters into changing their party affiliations. It is not hard to show the incompetency of the ruling party. Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the party has been doing

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