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The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

"...Don't joke yourself into a bad situation..." I never actually understood this saying until I read two books﹘ " The Game of Life & How To Play It " by Florence Scovel Shinn and " Think & Grow Rich " by Napoleon Hill ﹘ which really crystallized its meaning and significance on me.  As kids growing up, my grandma used to say this to myself and cousins every time we would be play-crying or pretending to be hurt﹘"...le itholela dilo tse di maswe..."﹘which can be loosely translated into " are wishing terrible things upon yourselves...". Of course, back then, I never got to really appreciate the depth in the meaning of her words﹘i just thought she was being a buzzkill﹘until I read those two books. On Think & Grow Rich, Hill describes the subconscious as the connecting link between the finite mind of humans what he refers to as " infinite intelligence ", the force that gives order and origin to everything i

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