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Team vs Product vs Market: What Makes Or Breaks A Startup?

Sometime last year, I came across a blog from 2007-2009 by Marc Andreessen , the popular and widely successful Silicon Valley innovator who co-founded companies like Netscape , which created the first widely used web browser, and a venture capitalist who was an early investor in  trillion-dollar and multi-billion dollar companies like Facebook, Coinbase, Roblox, and AirBNB among many others through his venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz .  One of the articles which really grabbed my attention and stoked my interest was his view on what is the most important element in the early success of a tech startup; team, product, or market. You can read the article here . Andreessen defines the elements as follows: Team - the suitability of the CEO, senior staff, engineers, and other key staff relative to the opportunity in front of them. According to Andreessen, when judging the potential of a team to execute its mandate, he considers "effectiveness" over "experience"

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