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The Trap of Emotion Outsourcing

Yesterday, Twitter was abuzz over this conversation between Will and Jada Smith where they were addressing, among other things, rumors which had broken out in the preceding weeks about a supposed affair between the latter and singer August Alsina. To sum up the nearly 10 minutes video, Mrs. Smith did admit to having an affair, or an "entanglement" as she put it, with Mr. Alsina after the two had become close over the time Mr. Alsina had sought refuge with the Smith family when he was going through his own issues.
As is customary, the conversation between the Smiths brought with it a whole of opinions and analysis from strangers on the internet who know nothing about what is happening within the walls of the Smith household. The conversation within the faux Twitter marriage counselors' circles seemed to be focused on whether the sit-down between the Smiths was proof of the seamless communication in their marriage or whether the whole thing showed the cunning and manipulati…

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