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City of Francistown Council Wages War On Unemployed Youth

Last month, the City of Francistown Council released what they referred to as the " Draft Guidelines for Car Washing Facilities ". According to them, after a "survey" they conducted, they concluded that car washes have adverse impacts on the aesthetics of the city as well as consuming portable water and generating waste. Because of those findings, they found it necessary to regulate and manage the operations of these car washes through the aforementioned guidelines. The guidelines outline several development standards which car wash operators are supposed to abide by in order to be approved and allowed to operate by the City Council. Here are some of these standards. Firstly, it is important to note that the City Council plans on issuing out operating permits for two types of car washes being Automated & Enclosed Car Washes as well as Temporary Car Washes . The first type, being Automated & Enclosed Car Washes , are supposed to abide by the following regula

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