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Crony Capitalism Is Impeding The Growth Of Botswana's Entrepreneurship Environment

In Botswana, becoming a successful "self-made" entrepreneur is not an easy feat to manage. Put aside the socio-economic hindrances like a small population, an extremely undiversified economy, and government bureaucratic red tape and you still have another big obstacle that makes entrepreneurship an extremely complex ship to sail, the proliferation, and normalization of crony capitalism in the country's entrepreneurship environment.

So normalized is crony capitalism in this country that there is even a colloquial term for it, "connections". While in other business environments aspiring entrepreneurs seek out and build networks of individuals and/or businesses who might legitimately assist in the said entrepreneurs eventually becoming a success story, here, the popular route is to seek out and build relationships with high ranking and influential public office or political officials to get into business with.

Now, of course, these said public and political figu…

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