Have you ever thought about how really lucky you are to be alive right now?I mean think about it,there are literally thousands of ways to die (i love that show by the they incorporate humor into gory deaths kill me all the time,excuse the pun) but here you are,still alive. It is really a miracle if you think about it.

But one thing still really surprises me. Humans are not scared of death until it is very nearby. Im not sure if we are not scared of death or we are just in denial of it happening to us until we stare at it in the face. I was on a taxi to school this morning with other passengers and this thought crossed my mind and i managed to come up with at least 8 scenarios which could lead to all of in that taxi dying (and no i didn't watch any of the Final Destination movies last night) but everyone was so calm,on their phones,not having any stress whatsoever.

Our confidence in not dying is a really special virtue we have as humans. Imagine if we thought about the ways we could die every single minute of our lives. The paranoia and anxiety we would face every day would be crippling. Like i mentioned earlier,im not really sure if its us not being scared of death or just us being in denial with the fact the we can actually die at any minute but whichever one it is,thank God i dont spend every minute of every day scared to death,pun intended, about every single scenario that can lead to my demise.