My First Blog

Hello world!

Yup,so im finally doing this.after years and years and years of contemplating getting back into writing,i have finally just decided to sit down and actually DO IT!!Procrastination is quite the devil isn't it. I have always been in love with reading for as long as i can remember, i would read anything from kitchen utensil manuals to shriveled up newspapers cause it somehow excited me. Learning about stuff really intrigued me and helped me to learn about the world without having to talk much as i wasn't really much of a talker growing up. writing this,my very first blog, i realize that it has been about 10 years since i read my first novel ,some Danielle Steelle novel (The Malice) that my mum had lying around the house,that i decided that i really wanted to not just read read read,but write too as i felt i had a lot of stories and opinions to share with the world.

Funniest reason why i actually read that book, i wanted to impress my crush who was into poetry so every single day i would take the huge novel with me to school and read it in front of class where i knew she passed everyday. As i kept reading the novel, i actually enjoyed it and the wonderful imagery i had whilst reading it made me also want to paint such wonderful images with just words,so there,my passion for writing was ignited. I joined THE GIRL's poetry club and i really enjoyed writing for like a year until teenage heartbreak coupled with puberty made me abandon my passion for writing . Maybe ill mention the poetry club stories and THE GIRL in future blogs but yeah,thats basically how i started  (and ended) my passion for writing.

So yeah,here i am again,back on the writing wagon i can say,and i dont really know what it has for me,but what i do know is that im ticking something off my bucket list and it feels wonderful so im really looking forward to this journey. This should be fun :D