Smell,touch,feel,hearing and sight. These are the five senses that we humans have. Our entire perception of the world around us is determined by these five senses. Every single thing that you have ever known and will ever know will solely be based on these 5 senses. Just a mere 5 senses.

Although we are the most intellectually superior beings on planet earth (well in our opinion that is), we are still very much limited when it comes to our ability to  understand not only the earth and universe,but even ourselves. There are still a dozen questions we still cannot give answers to. Not because these questions have no answers,but because we do not have the intellectual capability to even think of answers to these questions. Questions like does the universe end?if indeed it does,where does it end?if it doesn't,how? This is just one  of the dozen questions which even the most brightest of human minds have not been able to answer since the dawn of humanity.

True as it MIGHT be that we are indeed the most intellectually superior of all the species on mother earth,our intellect,like most things,is finite. Our intellect is solely based on what our mere five senses tell us. This means we cannot perceive things which are outside the spectrum of our 5 senses. So not only is our perception of ourselves and those around us based on only 5 senses,our perception of the entire universe,a universe which spans for possibly infinity is based on just  5 senses. If you look at it that way,you will come to realize how severely limited our intellect is as humans.One may argue that our senses attributed to us being able to learn so much about not only about ourselves and ourselves,but about the universe also. But imagine what else we would know if we had more than just 5 senses. The possibilities are unimaginable,literally. Our perception of the entire universe revolves only around what we can explain,and what we can explain is only based on what our 5 senses can perceive.

There are things in the universe,or even in our own world,that we are never going to be able to explain or understand. Not because those things have no meaning or are unexplainable,but simply because our intellect,boxed by our mere 5 senses, does not stretch far enough to be able to understand those things.James Redfield's stated on The Celestine Prophecy(incredible book by the way) that there are no such things as coincidences. Everything happens for a reason,and sometimes those reasons are simply  out of our range of intellect so we chose are to label them as "coincidences".Our intellect is even still unable to explain even thing about ourselves like love,what is it,why does it happen,how does it happen.Just imagine the possibilities if we had a sense which could explain love,which could let you know if that crush you have been eyeing for the longest time feels the same about you or not,that would be wonderful wouldn't it? If we are indeed the most intellectually superior beings on earth like we claim to be,then standards of intellect on earth are quite low. Maybe we are not as high and mighty as we think we are. Maybe we are just a species with a nasty superiority complex,hey?