Rightist And Leftist Media

So im an avid follower of current affairs,especially the politics ,be it local,regional,global etc.And like most people,i access my current affairs through the mainstream media. During my perusals through most of these mainstream media aids,i have noticed a really disturbing pattern.

Before i move onto the nitty-gritty details,let me first give an overview of what leftism and rightism is. Rightists support the view thatcertain social orders and hierarchies are inevitable, natural, normal or desirable, typically supporting this position on the basis of natural law, economics or
tradition. So rightists would typically be against such things as gay marriage or abortion because they deem them to "not be natural".Leftists, on the other hand (couldn't resist), support social equality (instead of social hierarchy) and more rights for the self,so leftists would for example,support gay marriage and abortion. So in short and simply put,rightists support everything that leftists are against and vice versa.

The right wing media would hence comprise of media outlets like Fox News and the BBC,and the left wing media would comprise of outlets like  CNN and Sky News. Now the problem i have with both the leftist and rightist media is the bias in reporting their news. The Trump administration is mostly favored by the right wing media as they are more inclined to right wing ideologies and the leftist media are against the administration because they are against left ideologies. And that is the problem with that, instead of them reporting facts and letting their audience make up their own mind,these news outlets just report news in a way that support their propaganda.

Trump calls mainstream leftist media "fake news",which is true to some extent. If you watch CNN coverage about Trump,almost all of it is negative,which does not give an accurate reflection of the Trump administration. Although it is failing on some aspects of governance like LGBTQ rights  and the issue of immigration,it is also doing well on other aspects like job creation,foreign relations and homeland security,but when you watch CNN,you will barely hear them reporting about the latter and similarly,when you watch Fox News,you will barely hear them reporting about the administration's shortcomings regarding the former.

The purpose of the media is to report news,accurate news for that matter,with no bias whatsoever. When instead the same media that is supposed to give us unbiased facts gets involved in propaganda,it creates a rift in society,which does not at all help solve our differences. It is ok to commend and critique  the Trump administration,but the left wing media make it seem like commending them means you would also have supported the Nazis and the right wing media would make it seem like criticizing them means you would have supported Communist Russia,which is not what the media should be doing.

The media has a large amount of influence on society and they should not use this influence to push their own propagandas . Freedom of the press should not be used as an excuse for media outlets to support ideologies supported by their owners,it should instead be used to ensure that the media is able to report facts,regardless of whether they are for or against a governing administration. The system of having rightist and leftist media should not at all be normalized by society,instead it should be shunned. It should not be ok that Fox News is a news outlet for republicans and CNN is an outlet for democrats. News reported should be given a stamp of approval by both rightists and leftists,then the audience,compelled by their own beliefs and ideologies, should then decide what action they take. 

We as society should not let governments use private media to influence our perception of them and similarly, we should also not let private media influence our perception of our governments. They should just give us unbiased news,then we should be able to make our own views without outside influence.