Discovering New Music

So i saw this brilliant reply on Twitter the other day by The Internet (the band) to this other fan who was saying that other fans who just discovered the band are not "real ones". Their reply was that just because one started listening to a particular artist or band at a later time than you does not make them any less of a fan,and i could not agree any less with that sentiment.

Not only is it ignorant to have that kind of mentality,its outright stupid.Like Eminem once said,music is an expression of self and this means different kind of music appeals to us at different time in our lives,depending on how we are feeling at that particular moment.For example,if you are in a good music,you are most probably not going to listen to sad,depressing music and if you are in a bad space,you most probably won't listen to happy music because you cannot relate to it at that time.

The first time i listened to Mac Miller's Watching Movies With The Sound Off,which has a darkish and depressing feel throughout the album,i honestly hated it. Not because it was a bad album,but because at the time when i first listed to it,i was in a really good space so i could not relate to the depressing and sad tone the album exhibited.It was only when i was going through some issues of my own that i listened and actually loved the album because now,i could relate to it.The same thing applies to how and when different people discover different artists. Some artists make jolly,fun music and others make the complete opposite of that.When one discovers either music should not dictate how much of a fan they are.What matters,and the only thing that should matter really,is the impact that music has has in your life.

Artists,like any other person,evolve and change as they go through life and sometimes this change in character also trickles down to their music and they switch up their sound to fit that particular personality that they have grew into. This change in sound sometimes leads to them losing fans because those particular can no longer relate to this new sound that the artist is now making. If we can understand that artists can change and make different music ,why can we not understand that listeners can also change and have different kind of music appealing to them without labeling them plastic fans?If you use that logic that the authenticity of someone's love for an artist/band is dictated by how long they have been listening to the artist,then that every single millennial who is a fan Michael Jackson, Kenny G,David Bowie or any other 80s artist is a fake fan because they were not a fan when the artist started their career.Now that analogy sounds dumb doesn't it?

Music is a beautiful thing and luckily for us,there is an entire ocean of different sounds for different moods out there. Whether you discovered and instantly fell in love with an artist's music today or a decade ago does not determine how much of a fan you are.After all,longevity is not directly proportional to the authenticity of the love.If you know a band or artist which most people have not not heard of,do not be hog and keep all that music to your just you can come off as special and cultured. Share that music with people because you can never know what kind of impact that music can have on the next person's life.You were probably led to that music by someone else also so why not keep the relay going and recommend it to someone too?


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  2. This article beautifully captures the essence of what it means to be a fan of music and the importance of not judging others based on when they discovered an artist or band. It highlights the ever-evolving nature of music preferences, which are deeply connected to our own personal journeys and emotions. The analogy of labeling fans of older artists as "fake fans" is particularly thought-provoking, emphasizing the absurdity of such judgments. Music, as the article rightly states, is a diverse ocean of sounds that can resonate with us at different times in our lives. It's a reminder that there's no expiration date on becoming a fan, and there's no one-size-fits-all path to musical discovery. The call to share music with others is a wonderful message of unity, as it reminds us that the joy of music is best when it's shared and celebrated together. In a world that sometimes thrives on exclusivity, this article encourages inclusivity and the celebration of our unique musical journeys. For more details, visit Sound Engineering Courses in Bangalore


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