Paradox Philosophy

So i was watching the movie Billionaire Boys Club the other day and i saw one of the most interesting scenes i have seen for a while in a movie. One of the main characters was telling his friends about what he referred to as the "paradox philosophy".What the paradox philosophy states is that,given a different situation,one can manage to do something that they considered impossible to do ,hence creating a paradox.

How he demonstrated the paradox philosophy was,he asked the friends if they would ever commit murder.Instinctively,all the guys no,of course they would not commit murder. Then he asked them,"if you got home and found your mother being raped,would you kill the perpetrator?Again,instinctively,the guys said they would most definitely kill him. He then pointed out to them that they are proving the point of the paradox philosophy which,as i have mentioned,is that,given a particular situation,you can manage to do one thing that you thought was impossible to do.

My interpretation is that,put in layman terms,the paradox philosophy is simply the stance that we can do anything provided we are motivated enough to do it. Maybe,just maybe,sometimes we are unable to pull off particular feats not because they are impossible,but because we lack the motivation to fire up our zeal to achieve that feat.

That scene got me thinking ,if we were to apply the paradox philosophy to our everyday lives,would it not aid in helping us achieve feats which we thought were not at all possible to achieve?What if every time you were facing a brick wall,metaphorically of course,you were to apply the paradox philosophy in that scenario?What if,instead of cowering and giving in,you instead placed yourself in a situation which enables or motivates you to be able to achieve that feat?

This is less of a blogpost and more of a discussion so i would love to hear you guys opinion on what you think of the paradox it feasible?is it a sham?drop your opinion on the comments and lets discuss it.