Appreciating The Beauty Of The Now

Every single moment of your life has led to this very moment in your life right now. That is how special the now is. This moment right now is the result of a compounded collection of every single thing you have ever done in your entire life,no-matter how small and trivial it was.

So if this moment we are living in right now is so special,why do we find it so hard to appreciate?Why do we fixate so much on the past and future,the two things which are out of our control instead of appreciating the now,the only time in life we have control over?

I have already explored this topic on a couple of posts in the past including Mindfulness and You Are Where You Need To Be and i think they are a really good reference to explore this concept of mindfulness. The posts also have some book references on the topic so do check them out.

Back to today's blog topic, knowing that life is short and enjoying it moment by moment makes you appreciate that you have been blessed enough to exist in this very moment. The fault most of us make is that we measure the quality of our lives by how much our egos are being fed,be it by material or emotional factors. This creates a situation where we bind our happiness to those things,absence of them leading to our egos being starved and then feelings of unhappiness.

What if our happiness,instead of on those aforementioned exhaustible factors,was based on the one things that every human alive is good at,which is living? What if we did not let our egos decide for us the state of being of our emotions and overall appreciation of life?

Appreciating every moment we are so lucky to be able to experience means understanding that your life can be take from you at literally any moment and having no fear of that because you know that you have "lived" every moment hence no regrets when it gets taken from you.

We should not allow,in our lives,to have a disparity between the actuality of our lives (this moment right now) and the ideal life (the future or past). This disparity leads to one creating an idea of what their lives should be like which leads to the growth of this ego and the consequent side effects of it.

We must appreciate that,moment after moment,we are creating something,even if it is so trivial that you do not notice it. Literally everything that you do forms a domino effect of events which lead to that small trivial action you do like breathing having a significant impact in some other person's life. This concept is called the butterfly effect and i explored it on this post a while back.

There is no connection between ourselves yesterday and ourselves today. Everything comes from nothingness moment after moment. We start over every moment but most of us do not realize this because our egos are so attached to what was and what could be instead of the beauty of what is. Nothing exists but momentarily right now in its present form and then its gone,giving way to another moment of infinite possibilities.

If you have been following this blog,you have probably realized that i have talked about mindfulness so many times in the past and this is because i believe it can have such a significant and positive impact in our lives as i can attest to that. For those who are new,i hope that you will go through the referenced posts and read up on it and hopefully do the same attestations about its beauty and how it can make one look at life totally different.