You Are One In Seven Billion!!

On yesterday's post, i talked about aloneness and how having the ability to find joy in being in your own company can have such a profound impact on not on your life but how you relate with others like relationships etc. At the end of that post i also promised to do a couple of posts telling you how awesome you are and yes,here is me keeping that promise.

You are special!!For real though you are one in 7 billion!!Maybe some of you think i mean this as way to make you feel better about yourself but no,i literally mean there is no one like you on this world!! The person you are is the best version of yourself!! Where you right now is exactly where the universe wants you to be,nowhere else!! Its special place which the universe has specially placed you and only you!!There is no one who is as good at being you as you are.NO ONE!!

It is of my opinion that most people do not appreciate this little fact enough.After going through periods of difficulty in our lives,we tend to develop this idea of what our lives should be like instead of just appreciating how special the life that we are living right here at this very moment is. I have covered this topic on an old post titled You Are Where You Need To Be (yes,i was using that phrase before Bran Stark did,haa!!) so please read that if you have not.

This idea of what our lives should be like is accepted as normal and considered motivation to strive to be better and achieve that which will put us on par with that idea of who we are meant to be but is a major contributing factor to the surging cases of mental health issues .How many of us have asked ourselves what we plan on doing after achieving that great feat we have on our vision boards? Like Arya Stark wondered what was west of Westeros (i apologize for the annoying GoT references),have you asked yourself "what is bigger than that big dream i'm chasing?" For example,if your ultimate goal in life is to attain a billion bucks,have you asked yourself "hmm,what will i do when i get that billi?". Most people who have bothered to ask themselves this question almost all come up to this conclusion,"I'LL BE HAPPY!!"

True to some extent as that may be,the fact still remains that you are not going to be totally happy but instead, you are going to want more. When you get to that point you are still going to yearn for a trillion because not being satisfied is human nature. Do you think when Arya gets to whats beyond Westeros she is going to fold her arms and say "yup,i have completed my mission.lemme spend the rest of my days playing with my needle".Nope. She is probably going to want to find out what is West of West of Westeros then sail on again. It is what we are and what most people do not realize is that this trait,if one is not aware of it,can be a cause of detrimental and never-ending feelings of underachievement,a topic i already touched on  in another old post titled Contentedness.

On this post i just wanted you guys to realize how special you are by referencing some of my old posts (and Game of Thrones). please go through them and as always,leave me a comment below and lets have a conversation.